Investment Management

Our Six Step Process for Portfolio Management

  • Financial Analysis: Accurate in-depth portfolio review & analysis
  • Asset Class Diversification: Optimized for economy and market
  • Portfolio Strategist Selection: Institutional vision
  • Investment Management Firm Selection: security selection
  • Monitoring Your Portfolio: Stay on track
  • Reporting: Keep informed

Portfolio Management 101

“Without a carefully written IPS, investment advisors and/or consultants managing a portfolio are like crew of a ship that sets to sea without a navigation system and without a clear sense of the intended destination. Both the cargo and the crew are in jeopardy without adequate preparation and a well-charted course.”

– Blaine F. Aikin, AIFA®, CFA®, CFP®
President and CEO of fi360

At Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc., our fiduciary responsibility and commitment as an investment management and institutional consulting firm begins with the preparation and implementation of an Investment Policy Statement. This process is so important, that we refer to it as “Portfolio Management 101”.

The IPS is the cornerstone of the investment decision-making process and your safeguard, as an investor. It describes the plan’s investment strategy and ongoing fiduciary performance review process. It also gives you, the investor a structured process for selecting or “firing” private money managers, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, fixed income and alternative investments.

In short, “the investment policy statement provides evidence that a clear process and a methodology exist for selecting and monitoring plan investments.” (J. Gardner, How to Write an Investment Policy Statement)

If the policy development process is thorough, it will cover all the elements that should be included in the investment policy statements.

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