Institutional Investment Consulting

Institutional Consulting Services for Investment Committees

Institutional Investment Consulting

We understand the legal precedents, applicable rules, guidelines and best practices that govern the delivery of investment consulting services to institutional investors.

Our institutional investment consulting services is governed by the rules, principles, practices and procedures of ERISA, UMIFA and UPIA. In addition to providing direct portfolio management services for institutions, as an investment consultant, we assist non-profit organizations, company-sponsored defined contribution & defined benefit plans (i.e. 401K, Pension) with fulfilling their obligation as a Fiduciary to the Plan, endowment portfolio or pension.

Whether the portfolio management needs of your organization is based on managing a defined contribution plan, or an investment portfolio for a non-profit organization, foundation or endowment, there are a myriad of factors which makes this type of institutional investment consulting need complex – regulatory, record keeping and administration, fiduciary compliance and investment selection & pricing.

Therefore, investment consulting firms they must rise to the challenging demands of the marketplace by not only being competitive, but also providing a sufficient level of flexibility and suitability at a price point that is not prohibitive for the value being offered. At Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. our retirement plan advisory and fiduciary investment consulting services will match the right retirement plan provider or investment manager to the needs of your organization.

When your organization engages the investment consulting services of Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc., we will carefully review and filter the universe of money managers and plan providers in order to present investment and retirement plan services firms that are comparable on the basis of their process, regulatory oversight, cost structure, the basis of their investment selection and overall experience in the asset management and/or retirement plan marketplace. The benefit of our thorough inspection and selection process results in better quality recommendation, lower cost and expenses and improved customer service for our investment advisory retirement plan consulting clients.

  • Performing comprehensive liability analysis
  • Coordinating liability analysis findings with the client actuary
  • Calculating and projecting Fund solvency
  • Establishing asset classes and benchmarks
  • Establishing long-term market-return expectations and correlations for the asset classes
  • Recommending appropriate risk tolerances
  • Recommending appropriate long-term asset allocation targets and ranges

  • Performance benchmarks and objectives
  • Targeted portfolio structures
  • Risk parameters
  • Allowable investments
  • Program roles and responsibilities
  • Program cost effectiveness
  • Participate in annual planning sessions with the Board and staff
  • Strategic and tactical approaches
  • Rebalance funds in coordination with the IPS to maintain/implement establish objectives

With training in both fiduciary standards of care and assessment procedures, as an AIFA® Martin A. Smith is able to employ either informal or comprehensive ISO-like analytical processes to assess the strengths and deficiencies in critical areas of an investment steward’s responsibilities. Learn more about our fiduciary assessments services.

  • Reconciling performance figures with the investment custodian
  • Provide quarterly performance evaluation reports consistent with respective benchmarks, performance objectives, guidelines and risk levels
  • Provide expert market commentary and trends
  • Compliance and exceptions to policies, strategies and guidelines
  • Asset transition cost reports prepared in conjunction with the client designee
  • Performance vs. benchmarks and objectives
    • Asset class composites
    • Market managers
    • Other reports as requested

  • Development of evaluation factors and methods, evaluating proposals, interviewing managers, making recommendations and implementing the selection and termination of managers.
  • Reviewing the benchmarks, performance objectives, risk tolerance and investment guidelines for the selected market managers.

  • Proactively advise Board and administrative staff of new investment vehicles and techniques or major changes in existing practices within the industry and, upon request, prepare a comprehensive analysis and make recommendations concerning these developments.
  • Participate in ad hoc workshops on specific issues designated by the Board.
  • Respond to Board member and/or staff inquires.
  • Share all firm research, including research papers.
  • Provide assistance on special projects as needed.

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