Managing Retirement Investments

Receive a portfolio review and a comparative investment analysis

Managing Retirement Investments is About Balancing Retirement Income and Financial Risk

To assist our clients with managing retirement investments, we begin by reviewing their financial and retirement planning needs. The two most important concerns of retirees is income replacement and wealth preservation, including debt reduction and managing expenses.

Therefore, as a retirement planning and investment management firm, any portfolio management recommendations that we make will be made in light of clients comprehensive financial and retirement planning needs. While Social Security, 401(K) and employer sponsored pensions are typically the sources of income for most retirees, for most people in retirement Social Security is an inadequate source of income, hence the need for asset appreciation and wealth preservation.

It is not uncommon for clients new to Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. who need assistance with managing retirement investments, to already have a considerable amount saved in their employer-sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(K), 403(B) or government Thrift Savings Plan. However, the investment choices provided by employer-sponsored retirement plans are usually limited and typically does not provide a broad array of investments options that are diversified by asset class, thus making it more difficult for employees to achieve proper portfolio diversification.

Therefore, depending on what your needs are we may suggest that you rollover your retirement portfolio into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), in order to expand your investment choices, which could result in better portfolio returns, lower investment fees & expenses and reducing the portfolios risk exposure.

In many instances when we have conducted a portfolio review for prospective clients, our analysis reveals the lack asset class diversification. This exposes their investment portfolio to a significantly greater degree of market volatility and risk. At Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. we believe a properly diversified portfolio will be comprised of the following asset classes: Small caps, Mid caps, Large caps, Real estate, Bonds, including exposure to international investments and Commodities

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