WealthGuard Portfolio Monitoring

WealthGuard Portfolio Monitoring

Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. is now offering a way for you to protect your investment portfolio, whether it is a 401(K), IRA, Roth or taxable brokerage account, with WealthGuard™, an early warning and portfolio monitoring system.

WealthGuard™ is offered to all Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. clients, at no additional cost. We even provide it for free on accounts you want to have monitored and protected that are not managed by a financial advisor, like your 401(k), self-managed investment accounts, and college savings plans.

WealthGuard™ is also the first and only complete portfolio monitoring system for employer sponsored retirement plans. It watches employee’s money, to help protect their 401(K) portfolio from market risk. The simplicity of WealthGuard for retirement plans is what also makes it so powerful.

With WealthGuard™, you can set a maximum percentage that matches your tolerance for risk and level of comfort with market volatility. Having the ability to predetermine a maximum percentage will enable you to respond more quickly to changes in the market and potentially protect your account from a decline, prior to modifying your portfolio to a more conservative investment mix.

How Does WealthGuard™ Work?

  1. Gain Clarity. Get a single point of reference for protecting your entire net worth, the WealthGuard™ number. This simple reference means you always know where you stand, and that you’re always on track.
  2. Take Control. WealthGuard™ allows you and your advisor to set your exposure to market conditions and automatically trigger processes to adjust to the market.
  3. Increase Confidence. It’s easier to sleep at night knowing WealthGuard™ is automatically monitoring all your assets to help you protect your gains and guard against losses.

With WealthGuard™ and Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc., your employees are better able to work together, to protect their complete financial picture. Click on the "Book an Appointment" image above, if you would like to schedule a no-cost financial consultation.

Request a comprehensive portfolio review to learn how we can reduce the fees & expenses within your retirement plan and help employees to potentially improve their asset allocation

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